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The Largest Construction Projects in Bahrain

As has been stated in my previous articles, the Middle Eastern construction market is showing signs of ongoing growth in all areas of construction and in all GCC & Middle Eastern regions. Previously, I have covered all significant rail projects and also the largest projects in Oman to date. In this month’s blog I will cover the largest projects underway or that are planned in Bahrain; Bahrain Bay, Anwaj Waves, Diyar Al Muharraq and Dilmunia Health Island. A common theme here is that many of the new construction projects in Bahrain involve land reclamation and the creation of idyllic man-made islands coupled with the blend of affordable housing and luxurious residences.

Bahrain Bay
This project is one of the most publicised in Bahrain, it is the construction of a large mixed use development comprising of residential towers, commercial towers and five star hotels on a reclaimed island. Bahrain Bay has been divided into three phases. Phase 1 involved the land reclamation and infrastructure works essential to establish the base from which the project will be built on. Phase 2 involves the construction of the Arcapita Bank Headquarters, Four Seasons Hotel and Raffles City. Phase 3 of the development is divided into 7 zones comprising the Yacht Club and South Marina Water Residences; South Green Park offering a hotel, entertainment, residential, leisure and retail amenities; Marina and Canal Townhouses with mixed-use retail amenities; Ocean Front West Coast Community with waterfront and commercial properties; Residential and commercial neighbourhood with retail amenities; Ocean Front North Coast Community with commercial, residential and educational facilities; and North Tower which will house businesses units. Construction of the development began in 2006 and the man-made island is connected to the mainland of Bahrain by two bridges on opposite sides of the development. Our clients are interested in candidates who have previous mixed-use development experience, especially ones that have been gained on similar GCC projects. 

Amwaj Waves - Najmah Island
The current mind-set in Bahrain is heavily situated towards residential projects. This project is a US$ 516 million luxurious residential complex based on a reclaimed island and will become the largest complex on the Amwaj Islands. Further, the Bahraini government are implementing enormous complexes to offer affordable housing to Bahrain, its residents and migrants. Projects will see more realistic prices to counteract the luxurious and extravagant trend of the GCC for villas and apartment buildings. From now and over the coming months, Maxim recruitment consultants will be seeking candidates who have global experience in running affordable housing / residential blocks for these projects. 

Diyar Al Muharraq
Situated in the shallow water off the north eastern coast of Muharraq Island, this project is going one step further and establishing a self-contained city that will house up to 100,000 residents with 30,000 housing/residential units. The project will offer sandy beaches around the island with mass development and construction on Diyar Al Muharraq whilst constructing this new addition to Bahrain’s landscape. The dredging and reclamation works have been progressing steadily since 2006 and the development stage will soon provide more affordable housing for Bahraini residents. 

Dilmunia Health Island
The Dilmunia Health Project will span 165,000 m2 of land on the reclaimed land and will be the main selling point and attraction of the area, planning to boast the most impressive hospital and wellness centres in the Middle East. The project involves construction of a Health Island that will comprise i) 358 bed wellness hospital (ii) 216 bed women and children hospital iii) Aesthetic medicine centre iv) Diagnostic Centre v) Nutrition Centre vi) Diabetes Centre vii) Sports Medicine Centre, viii) Research Centre. Further boasting a Hotel Component that will include a 5 star hotel offering traditional Chinese medicine, Thai holistic treatment and French Holistic treatment each comprising of 70 villas and suites along with a Middle Eastern inspired, 4 star hotel. The residential component will possess 38 large lagoon view villas, 36 spacious garden view villas and 44 sea view villas plus 202 waterway condominium style residences enclosed in six to eight storey buildings, 424 pier side residences spread over five to seven storey buildings and 154 luxury condominiums set in nine storey buildings, 312 quayside residential units housing three to four storey buildings, 270 units of low rise canal view condominiums. On top of this, it will contain all the necessary entertainment facilities and shopping malls to service the Island’s visitors and residents. Following on from the previous projects, the Dilmunia Health Island shows Bahrain’s progressive plans to unify luxury and wealth with affordable residences; a trait needed for the countries expansion and growth. 

Over the coming months and years, large mixed use developments and both luxurious residential islands and affordable housing islands will be constructed and Bahrain’s contractors, project management companies and engineering consultancies are going to be looking to employ candidates who have gained build experience all across the world. Fluency is English will be essential but previous Middle Eastern experience is by no means essential. If interested in such roles or you would like to discuss the projects mentioned please send your CV via the Maxim Recruitment website and contact dan@maximrecruitment.com for an exploratory discussion. 

Dan Kirk
Maxim Recruitment
Middle East Region 

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