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UK Association of Project Managers: The Importance of Being Chartered

April 2017 has seen a major advancement in the status of the Association of Project Managers (APM). As of the 1 April 2017 the association is now a chartered body, and as part of this transformation the APM are publishing a series of papers that will explain how the professional body will develop and what it means to you, as a project manager.

For our clients, candidates score extra kudos for attaining membership to such associations as APM and now that the Royal Charter has been granted this can only mean more professional recognition.

So What’s it About?

The first paper is titled ‘The Importance of being Chartered’, and looks at the story so far of the APM and their chartered journey and what the benefits are of being chartered. For the APM the main reasons for attaining the Royal Charter are:

  • raise standards through a robustly assessed register of Chartered Project Professionals who are committed to professional development and a code of conduct
  • enhance the status and recognition of project management as a means of delivering effective change that improves our economy and society
  • facilitate continued collaboration and research with other professions to develop the practice and theory of delivering successful change across sectors and industries

“The receipt of the Royal Charter marks a significant achievement in the evolution of project management and those who make, and seek to make, a career in this field. The Charter provides recognition for the profession, a reward for the association that has championed its cause and an opportunity for those who practise its disciplines.”

[pg 6 -  3. APM and Chartered – the story so far]

What Will it Mean to the Industry and Those Who Attain Membership?

As with any product or piece of work produced a seal of approval gives those purchasing, or investing into, a knowledge of quality; an assurance of a set standard. The APM’s paper states that the chartered status “brings a number of benefits to the individual who holds the title”; along with significant benefits for the industry and sectors that it supports:

  • a recognisable mark of quality, setting standards of professionalism and performance
  • the development of a cadre of assured professionals who can lead the delivery of projects
  • the opportunity to attract and retain the best project management talent in the country, and address the global shortage of qualified and assured project management professionals

And for individuals and the profession:

  • raises the profile and value of project management as a profession, and increases recognition of the individual
  • offers a clear professional development route
  • raises awareness of project management as a primary career choice
  • provides parity of esteem with other professionals in other walks of life
  • signifies your commitment and adherence to professional and ethical conduct, providing public trust and confidence

[pg 10 – 7. Chartered – the Benefits]

The Next 12 Months

What next for the APM? Over the next year they will be producing a number of papers and running a range of activities and announcements regarding the Chartered status. Keep an eye out for them; and make sure you take a look at the first paper The Importance of Being Chartered.

As John McGlynn, Chairman of APM states in the paper “This is a significant moment in the history of the project management profession.”



Steve Thomas
Recruitment Director - UK


Attribution to the Association of Project Management.
The Importance of Being Chartered [PDF]

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