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US Construction Market Flourishing

The US construction market is particularly buoyant currently and looks set to stay that way for the foreseeable future. According to the USG Corporation’s Commercial Construction Index for Q1 2018, contractors are confident about new business opportunities and increased profit margins for the coming year, with 80% reporting steady or increasing backlogs of work. This stability is good news for construction professionals and makes it a good time to consider re-locating or returning to the US for new career opportunities.

Confidence Bolstered

This optimism stems from reported backlogs of nearly 9 months of work and expectations of improved revenues this year. Access to finance for both contractors and owners or investors is thought to be relatively easy to access, either as working capital for growing their business or as financing for construction projects. These combined factors are contributing to ongoing market confidence across the country.

The Global Skills Shortage Bites

Contractors are on the lookout for more staff to help them grow and deliver their projects this year. Nearly 60% of respondents reported that they would be looking for new staff in 2018, but a similar percentage indicated that they are concerned that finding skilled workers will be difficult.

Smaller contractors (those with revenues of less than $10 million) are most affected by this, with nearly two-thirds reporting recruitment difficulties compared to 41% of larger contractors (those with revenues of $100 million or more). If you’re willing to consider a smaller contractor, opportunities appear to be plentiful.

The Future Looks Bright

The overall message is that there is plenty of work, but not enough skilled staff. Contractors want to hire, especially in the Midwest, West, and South.

If you are an American citizen considering returning or already have a work visa and would like to gain some Stateside experience, 2018 looks set to be a good year to make the leap. Speak to me about our current opportunities across the US.


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