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Welsh Water Invest in Improving System

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water have just appointed Atkins a £3million framework contract for their 'clean water' project. This maintenance and improvement project will last three years until 2019 ensuring a range of professional skills, including engineer vacancies, in the area.

Atkins, who will provide technical services for the project, say that they are engaged to assess, identify and develop performance improvements of the system. To do this they will carry out feasibility studies, build hydraulic models which will test the systems under a multitude of possibilities during operation and appraisals of investment.

All of this with the aim to maintain and find solutions for improvement of the operation. Ultimately the goal is to provide reliable, clean water for the end users which include almost 1.5 million homes in Wales and in parts of western England.

In the Hands of Experts

Atkins are renowned for their expertise in these areas and have confirmed that they are well able to assist their clients, in this case Welsh Water, to address challenges they need to overcome with consideration to climate and economic change.

Atkins are also working on three other frameworks for Welsh Water; a water resource one; an asset management one and one on strategic drainage.

Atkins Client Director, Gwion Kennard commented, "Welsh Water is recognised as the leading water company for its progress in converting sustainable policies into real tangible outputs. Its commitments to delivering sustainable solutions within their investment process resonates with the values of Atkins' framework delivery team. We will identify solutions in AMP6 that will help to ensure that drinking water is safe and reliable, whilst also playing a role in safeguarding a sustainable environment for future generations."


Asset Management Period is a measurement put in place by previous governments to ensure that privatised water boards employ companies to maintain and improve their facilities. We are now into the 6th period i.e. AMP6.

This assessment has helped to improve much of our antiquated sewage systems to a standard which is safe and much improved. It also ensures that ongoing upkeep is maintained.

Engineering Opportunities

For the next three years at least, this project and others in Wales, means good job vacancies for engineers in particular. As the AMP measurement is in place it will mean other ongoing opportunities too.

If this is your area of expertise, don't miss out. Please make sure that you submit your CV to us and keep an eye on our lists of vacancies.


Steve Thomas
Director - Hong Kong & UK Construction Recruitment Specialist

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