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Why India? Part two - roads

 Why India? Part two - roads

Maxim recruitment analyses the leading projects in India and why UK construction expatriates should migrate there.

In the first part of this article, we looked at the growth of commercial infrastructure in India, and the construction jobs overseas that are being created. In this part, we look at the growth in the development of the country’s transport infrastructure.

The roads sector in India is set to grow with plans for 50,000 km of road to be added by 2015, many international companies are seizing the opportunity and bidding to help construct the vast highways. The government has agreed to pay half of the £25 Billion costs with the other half coming from foreign direct investment (FDI).

The agenda of green living has hit India and sustainable designs and green buildings are expected to play a big part of the Indian market in 2010 with predictions of £2 Billion being spent in the market. By 2012 the government estimates that 1 billion ft2 will be covered by green buildings.

Some of the largest projects being planned for the next five years are; the Modernization and renovation of four Metro airports and 35 smaller ones. The Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Project that stretches 22km and will link the hinterland across the harbour. The construction of around 50,000km of road throughout India. Major port developments in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

Despite the recession the Indian market continues to grow and there are significant opportunities for construction professionals to work out in India, especially if they possess build, roads and real estate experience.



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