Why is becoming a Chartered Quantity Surveyor so good for your Career?

Posted by Daria Tkach Graduate Recruitment Consultant on Friday, July 9, 2021


The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is a globally recognised professional body which promotes and enforces highest professional qualifications and standards which their members must adhere to in land, property, infrastructure, and construction industries. Recent research studies show that RICS qualified professionals in the UK earn on average £16,000 more each year than non-members. Besides offering better salary prospects, qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor can not only give you a competitive edge but opens many long-term career opportunities across an international construction industry. There is a global demand for RICS professional credentials which demonstrate higher regulated professional and ethical principles.  This blog will focus on the benefits of becoming a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in particular.

Competitive Advantage

Being a Chartered Quantity Surveyor MRICS is seen as a sign of trust and transparency by both, international and domestic employers. Being a part of world’s leading professional body, gives them confidence they are in good hands. Therefore, employers will favour a RICS qualified candidate against non-members in the construction industry.  This is because MRICS not only stands for relevant experience but a certified high level of technical training and ethics. This promotes confidence and demonstrates expertise, which would make you stand out when competing for a role with non-accredited candidates.  We understand that many RICS consultancies agree to have a certain number of qualified and Chartered Quantity Surveyors in their employment in order to retain their RICS recognised company status.

Chartered Quantity Surveyor status can be the gateway to fast tracking your career and optimising your earning potential.  It sets you apart from non-accredited candidates in terms of the quality of your qualification and commitment to continuing professional development.  Many Senior Consultant, Senior Cost Manager, Senior Quantity Surveyor, Associate, Commercial Manager and other cost, contract and commercial management jobs in the UK and internationally stipulate Chartered status as a requirement in their job descriptions.

Professional Recognition

One of the most important aspects of membership of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is recognition within your profession.  The MRICS qualification for Chartered Quantity Surveyors is an indication of quality assurance. It demonstrates to employers, colleagues, and the industry as a whole that you have achieved and work to the regulated high professional and ethical standards and are competent in all areas of your work in the property and construction industry. Chartership is regarded as a valuable professional qualification, as well as academic qualification and is evidence of an elite professional standing within the industry.

Being part of global network and continuous professional development

By becoming a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors you obtain a globally recognised professional qualification which gains you an entry to be a part of an international community with opportunities to network with other top quality construction professionals. Connecting with peers and leading figures across the industry enables you to explore latest information, advice as well as access to new opportunities.

Continuous professional development (CPD) does not stop after becoming Chartered. Chartered Quantity Surveyors are encouraged to maintain and develop professional and technical skills further using expanding network of events, webinars, and social media channels. Access to the latest professional insights, guidance and technologies allows to build your expertise, develop insight, and enhance career prospects for increased earning potential.

Conclusion – Benefits of Being a Chartered Quantity Surveyor

To conclude, becoming Chartered demonstrates a level of commitment and competence in the profession and provides surveyors with a mark of excellence, which is internationally recognised throughout the industry worldwide. Qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor takes dedication and can take years of focused learning, training, and development. However, the value and benefits of RICS qualification have never been greater including, enhanced career opportunities and increased earnings, because of this highly regarded, elite qualification. Qualifying as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor means you become a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, with more than 130,000 RICS members around the world, which gives you priority access to local and global career and business development opportunities.

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Daria Tkach
Graduate Recruitment Consultant
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