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Will BIM Help or Hinder the Job of a Quantity Surveyor?

With more than 50% of construction firms using BIM (Building Information Modelling) in the UK will it live up to the UK government’s expectations? More importantly how will it affect the work of quantity surveyors?

Like any new tool or legal requirement, take up is often slow, but as any public funded project needs BIM implemented by 2016, every construction business in this sector will need to catch up. 

The bottom-line idea of BIM is to save money not least by making the processes more streamlined. Public projects which are centrally funded, cost in the region of £40 billion every year so it is understandable where and why this tool is being introduced first.

The idea is that BIM uses real time building modelling in 3D, 4D and 5D along with related data to refine and control projects. The idea is that BIM will be used by all parties so that everyone is kept in the picture and costs can be managed across every platform. The 5D model is the one that UK quantity surveyors will work with specifically.

Overall BIM is designed to save costs during the design and construction phases but also in the on-going running costs post construction for the life-cycle of the building or infrastructure. The system is also useful to see the full picture where all parties can visualise their own portion of the project in relation to others, which should encourage good working relationships and better communication. 

Hiccups or Hindrances
The necessary level of software and training to make this tool really viable for quantity surveyors is perhaps its biggest limitation. Another glitch which needs some work is the different measurement systems used in different countries i.e. UK, Ireland, US and Australia. Some agreed rules of measurement need to be put into place to make it usable for international projects. Meanwhile for UK quantity surveyors this shouldn’t hinder the process.

For those companies using the 4D and 5D modules, quantity surveyors will certainly find it a time saving application. No need to take measurements and quantities from 2D drawings, a schedule of necessary quantities can be generated by the model.

New Ways of Working
As construction is undeniably one of the most wasteful sectors of industry, a system which can help to cut waste and costs surely has to be a good thing. With modules concentrating on ‘green building’ too it is certainly looking to the future.

This is of course a new way of working for many areas of the construction industry in the UK, but once BIM is up and running well, we can foresee some very positive outcomes.

Show off Your Skills
Keeping up to date with the latest skill necessities and compliances is something that Maxim Recruitment prides itself on. We are also keen to find and offer the best candidates for top quality roles in the construction and engineering world. 

If this is you and you’re keen to show off your expertise with BIM in a senior UK or overseas Quantity Surveying role, we will be happy to match your CV with available opportunities. Please get in touch with us for more information. 

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