Would You Love A Construction Job In Canada?

Posted by Katie Donnelly, Graduate Recruitment Consultant on Friday, November 19, 2021

So, you’re at the point in your construction career where you want to pursue an overseas construction job, but where? With its expected annual growth consistently increasing, a multi-billion construction industry, and a brand new 3 year “Growth Plan”, look no further than Canada!

Canada’s construction industry future is bright, and only seems to be getting brighter, especially with the introduction of the “Growth Plan”. Still not convinced? What about the social side? How much can I really benefit? Here’s what we think;


Canada, although known for its scenery and natural parks, is in fact heavily urbanized. Approximately 82% of the population are housed in major and medium sized cities, allowing for easy access to all the exciting perks of city life. However, those who prefer the quiet life still have plenty of options! At the beginning of 2021, 32% of employees were working most of their hours from home. Additionally, 68% of Canadian Businesses have policies in place to allow remote work.

For those who prefer an office environment or to be on a construction jobsite, there are countless ways to commute. The public transport system for each province is exceptional; a combination of subway/metro services, buses, trains, taxis, and even boats!

In comparison to other countries that scored highly in the construction industry sector, Canada boasts a much more affordable cost of living, not to mention it’s impressive ranking in highest average salary. These factors contribute to Canada’s consistently high scoring in quality of life, economic freedom, education, and civil rights.


The construction industry in Canada is highly developed, amassing over CAD$141 billion annually and employing over 1.4 million people. Its above-average Construction average salary of approximately CAD$51,844 is yet another reason so many people try to find construction jobs in Canada.

As mentioned, Canada is heavily urbanized. This means there’s always an exciting new construction job just around the corner – often literally! Check out one of our previous blogs to see all the current and future Canadian Projects

The “Construction in Canada” Q3 2021 report exploring key trends and opportunities has been released, stating that the construction sector is now expected to report an annual growth of 6.5% - an increase from the previous forecast of what is still an impressive 2.5%. The reason for this increase is linked to the success of the residential construction sector, the expectation that this will continue, and higher public spending in infrastructure.

In October 2020, the Canadian government announced their “Growth Plan”. The plan will span 3 years, focus on 5 key initiatives, and invest around CAD$10 billion. These series of investments are set to create 60,000 construction jobs and reinvigorate the post-pandemic economy. A focus is being put into affordable housing, energy efficient building methods and retrofits, and further exploration into cleaner power sources.


Canada’s construction industry is currently booming and shows no sign of slowing down. Not only does it provide unrivalled career opportunities, but a great work-life balance! Currently we’ve found Quantity Surveyor jobs, Loan Monitor jobs, and Civil Engineering jobs to be the most in-demand for a range of sectors all over Canada. An exciting aspect of looking to start a new construction job in Canada is the range of construction career paths available, take a look at some of our live vacancies.

As with many other roles, there is increased demand for MRICS Chartered Quantity Surveyors and those with previous experience. However, don’t let that put you off: whether you’re looking for smaller, family-owned consultancies to ever-growing contractors, an entry-level Junior to experienced Director, your perfect fit is out there in Canada.

We encourage anyone looking to start a new job in the construction industry in Canada to browse through our range of Quantity Surveying, Cost Management and Commercial Management jobs in Canada and get in touch with an updated CV.

Katie Donnelly
Katie Donnelly
Graduate Recruitment Consultant
Maxim Recruitment

Katie Donnelly is a Graduate Recruitment Consultant with day-to-day responsibility for UK and Canada client business development and relationship management. She works with our UK and Canadian recruitment teams to help develop relationships with our market-leading construction employer clients.