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London Office Construction at 13-Year High

London is riding a 13-year high in construction of office space which means quantity surveyors and managing consultants are in high demand – get detailed figures…

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ICES Commercial Management Conference Roundup

London’s 2017 Commercial Management conference topics: UK quantity surveyor skills shortage, major projects, rail industry, and NEC4 construction contract…

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2 Key Considerations When Dealing with Multiple Job Offers

Quantity Surveyors are in short supply in the UK so candidates can have multiple job offers – here are a couple of things to consider while considering…

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Join Us at ICES Commercial Management Conference - London 7 June 2017

We're sponsoring this London event on NEC Project Controls and Major Projects!…

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Tax tribunal overturns VAT policy on student accommodation

HM Revenue & Customs’ VAT policy on new-build student accommodation has been successfully challenged in a case taken to the Tax Tribunal.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 04:41
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Tthe government’s strategy for construction will only be put into action if it contains challenging, short-term goals

Source: Building.co.uk Last updated: 01:00
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