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About Clerk of Works Roles

A Clerk of Works inspects the workmanship, quality, and safety of work on construction sites, making sure that building plans and specifications are being followed correctly. Their function is vital to the successful completion of a project, as they represent clients’ best interests to achieve value for money, the highest quality and adherence to building regulation statutory compliance.

There is a great demand for such construction professionals, and the number of Clerk of Works job vacancies is increasing. More and more consultancies are starting to offer Clerk of Works service, additionally common Clerk of Works employers include Housing Associations, Councils, House Builders and Main Contractors.

The Recruitment Consultants at Maxim Recruitment have been finding jobs for Clerk of Works all over the UK, and we have a number of great vacancies for ambitious Clerk of Works or for those who are aspiring to become Clerk of Works.

About Hong Kong & Asia

Asia is a great and diverse region in which to work. The construction industry varies widely between countries and has many different historical influences still affecting the way each operates.

With a mix of international and local construction industry practices within each country, the relative cost and scarcity of land creates the backdrop of what kinds of building and civil engineering construction projects are built to what standard and budget.

In Hong Kong the construction of major school, hospital and residential developments are ongoing alongside a massive MTR railway construction programme and a number of major road and bridge projects.

Singapore has a thriving rail, civil engineering and building sector, Macau has a focus on gaming and hospitality while other countries in Asia have their own dynamics.

Civil Engineers, Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors with either Cantonese or Mandarin language skills or high value mega project experience are always in demand for construction jobs in Asia.

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