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A Profile On What To Expect When Working In Hong Kong

The following information may be of help in deciding whether you would be interested in a quantity surveying, engineering or project management job based in Hong Kong.


Currency predominantly used in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong dollar, which is the 8th most traded currency in the world.

Political / Religious Climate

Hong Kong’s political and judicial systems are independently run from that of China’s. Although Hong Kong is part of China it still follow the English Common Law, not China’s legal system.

The ties to Common Law also mean that Hong Kong has a high level of religious freedom. Main religions practiced are Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Christianity. There is also Hindi, Muslim, Sikh and Judaism as well as others.


Hong Kong has a huge financial district with one of the largest banking sectors in the world. This is one of the economies main driving forces, the second being trading and logistics. With little industrial policy and almost no import or export controls Hong Kong has flourished and is now the worlds largest re-export centre. This has paved the way for a transport and logistics infrastructure, including the world second busiest container port and the Worlds busiest airport for international cargo.

Culture and Leisure

English is the official language for Hong Kong, although Cantonese is the main spoken language with English as the main second language.

Hong Kong has impeccable transport links making travelling around the districts on public transport very easy. There is a MTR service, a privately run bus service and regular ferries to the Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong has a huge wealth of leisure activities available, with great restaurants, easy access to shops and an active nightlife. The city is energetic and lively with an array of markets taking place both day and night. Within the city you are able to find a wide variety of different cuisines, with both traditional Chinese and western food being popular choices.

Hong Kong, known for its modern architecture and its stunning city skyline is very built up in certain areas, but has a number of parks and recreational areas. It’s important to note that 60% of Hong Kong Island isn’t built up at all, leaving huge areas of green space, hills and sweeping views making it a perfect area for walks and hikes.

Accommodation and Education

Hong Kong has a renowned education system, with a number of private schools teaching in English, although bi-literate and trilingual proficiency is encouraged.

Space is a luxury in Hong Kong due to the large population, for this reason flats are the main available accommodation. Rents can seem extremely high especially in relation to the space, however taxes are so low, this can be balanced out. If you are looking for an apartment in Hong Kong there are numerous tactics that are encouraged to help you find the perfect place. Some of these are listed here: 

  • Decide where you want to live. Closer to the Hong Kong Island is more expensive but will mean you are nearer to the business districts. Kowloon and outer territories are cheaper but could mean you have a longer commute.
  • Be clear with the estate agent and persevere, it’s unlikely that you will be shown the best apartment available on your first set of viewings.
  • Newer builds tend to be smaller - an older property will give you more space.

Visa Requirements

British citizens may visit Hong Kong for up to 6 months without the need for a visa. However if you wish to take employment you need a visa before arrival.


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