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Posted by Steve Thomas on Monday, August 20, 2018

Canada is a popular destination for British emigrants due to the quality of life, similar culture, friendly locals and stunning countryside. But for many, taking the plunge to relocate completely can be too much change in one go. If you’d like to experience what Canada has to offer without completely uprooting your current lifestyle, a temporary placement may be the perfect solution.

Canadian employers can hire foreign workers to fill temporary labour and skills shortages through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Most employers will need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before they can hire staff from abroad under this program. A positive LMIA allows a Canadian employer to hire a foreign worker for a specific position by verifying that no Canadian is available to fill the role and that there is a need for a foreign worker to do the job.

To determine whether there is a need for foreign staff, the current labour market information will be checked. Using a job classification system and current labour information, the Canadian government publishes market outlooks for various roles. Currently, Canada has good prospects for several construction professionals.

Quantity Surveyors and Estimators

Locations Rated as “Good” Outlook: Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia

Job Bank Comment: The demand for construction estimators will likely be relatively strong over the next few years, as the construction industry should see a fair level of activity. Numerous investments in education, healthcare, municipal services, and roadwork and bridges, will support work in this occupation.

We are looking for estimators, claims consultants, and quantity surveyors to fill roles across Canada, as well as a Commercial Director.  

Project Managers

Locations Rated as “Good” Outlook: Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia

Job Bank Comment: Employment in this occupation will likely remain healthy over the next few years, as the construction industry should see a fair level of activity. Several large-scale infrastructure projects are in progress or are set to begin, including upgrades to transit and power generation. This will sustain the need for these managers in the near term. Higher population growth and steady renovation work will also continue to support residential development in some regions.

If you’re looking for your next challenge, we have several high-profile job vacancies in Canada, including airport Programme Managers, a Project Controls Manager, and an Alternative Finance Procurement Specialist.

Civil Engineers

Locations Rated as “Good” Outlook: New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Yukon, (Ontario rated as fair outlook)

Job Bank Comment: Over the next few years, these engineers should see stable work because of sizeable investments in non-residential construction, particularly as a high share of municipal assets are in need of upgrades. Several large infrastructure projects are in the works, such as highway expansions, institutional developments, and new transit systems. In the residential market, higher population growth will continue to support residential activity, particularly multi-unit and mixed-use condominium developments in some regions.

Register your CV with us and we will keep you updated with the latest vacancies across Canada. Alternatively, give me a ring to discuss your requirements and how Maxim can help you find your perfect role overseas.

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