Life as a Construction Professional Overseas

Posted by Richard Poulter on Thursday, September 21, 2017

The International Construction Market Survey for 2017 conducted by Turner & Townsend estimates that global growth is going to increase over 2017 and 2018, with a predicted global economic growth of 3.5% over the course of this year. This economic stability in the global marketplace will be welcome news to construction professionals wishing to work overseas.

Reasons to Work Overseas

Who wouldn’t want to travel the world and experience new countries and cultures – and earn a decent salary while you’re at it? Before you answer, you should consider that there is a huge difference between being a tourist and an expat. We’ve got lots of experience of working and living in Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Middle East, so we’d like to share some basic points for you think about.

Leave your mark

Perhaps not the first reason you think of when choosing to work overseas, but there is an opportunity to make a real difference. The skills you possess can be applied to create the most innovative building projects and civil infrastructure projects. And the prestige of working on high profile building projects also has its allure. You could be helping those living in disaster zones – where skilled workers are needed most, and environmental building developments are in abundance.


The obvious one. There is almost certainly a greater earning potential, lower tax rates and a lower cost of living. But do remember that healthcare is a necessity, and schooling for your children can be costly.


An uplifted salary is certainly a plus point, but in our opinion, you will feel enriched beyond wealth for the experience of working in any of these countries. Business etiquette may have its differences, and this is something to be mindful of. But embrace the culture with open arms. Live it. The Middle East is an utterly fascinating place which will stay with you forever. 


There’s no doubt that having worked in Hong Kong, Malaysia or the Middle East will be an impressive addition to your CV. There’s a good chance that you’ll be handed far more responsibility than in a comparable role elsewhere. And your experience of vastly different legal, commercial and political rules will be invaluable to a future employer.

International Construction Hotspots

Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Middle East have a number of high profile building and civil infrastructure projects underway, and many more on the horizon. And as such, these regions have earned a reputation in rapid construction, specialised construction techniques and as leaders within the construction industry. 

Where Will You Choose?

Maxim Recruitment is interested to hear from construction professionals looking for job opportunities in Hong King and Asia and the Middle East.


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