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  • Airport Area - 55,000 HKD per month negotiable

    Our client, a major international civil and build contractor is looking to appoint a qualified and locally registered Senior Structural Engineer to join their building team.

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About Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers are responsible for building strong and durable structures that will stand the test of time, weather and usage. A skyscraper that doesn’t blow down in the wind, a tunnel that doesn’t cave in from outside pressure, or a bridge that doesn’t bow under heavy traffic are all due to Structural Engineers and their highly skilled abilities.

To become a qualified Structural Engineer takes commitment and perseverance. After many years of degree level education, registration is then required with the Institution of Structural Engineers. With continued training on first jobs and keeping up-to-date with current practises, the long tuition period ensures a confident and capable professional enters the construction industry.           

Structural Engineering is a specialization within the civil engineering community and encompasses a varied range of structural disciplines that some choose to localise exclusively. For instance, Structural Engineers can choose to work solely on buildings, or only on bridges, while some work only on city infrastructure, such as roads or tunnels. There are many types of work for the Structural Engineer with a varied choice of sub-careers to choose from.

Our expert consultants at Maxim have been recruiting Structural Engineers since 2003 and always want to hear from qualified professionals in Structural Engineering looking for the next step on the career ladder.

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great place to work in the construction industry. With a mix of international and local construction industry practice, the cost and scarcity of land creates the backdrop where highly complex and high value building and civil engineering projects are built on an ongoing basis.

The construction of major school, hospital and residential developments are ongoing in Hong Kong as is a massive MTR railway construction programme and a number of major road and bridge projects.

Civil Engineers, Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors with either Cantonese language skills or high value mega project experience are always in demand for construction jobs in Hong Kong.

Once you secure your construction job in Hong Kong, your thoughts can turn to whether you want a cosmopolitan city lifestyle, or to live near out of the centre of town near a number of excellent beaches for sailing, surfing and swimming for much of the year.

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