5 Client Project Management jobs in Canada

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  • Loan Monitoring Surveyor Toronto, Ontario - to $100-120k (Negotiable)

    An amazing opportunity for Loan Monitoring Surveyor to join a leading quantity surveying practice in Toronto, Canada.

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  • Cost Consultant Loan Monitoring Montreal, Quebec - to $80-120k (Negotiable)

    An amazing opportunity for Loan Monitoring Surveyor to join a leading quantity surveying practice in Montreal, Canada.

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  • Cost Consultant London, Ontario - $70-120k (Negotiable)

    A new attractive opportunity for a Cost Consultant with loan monitoring experience to join a premium consultancy in London, Ontario.

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  • Contract Administrator Vancouver, British Columbia - Negotiable Featured

    An exciting Contract Administrator is needed with Project Control, cost and commercial management experience to work on premium Vancouver infrastructure projects

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  • Manager of Capital Planning Toronto, Ontario - CAD$100,000+

    Manager of Capital Planning based in Toronto, Canada and responsible for managing the Capital Plan Development process.

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About Canada

Construction workers are very much in demand in Canada. This vast country is home to construction influences from both Europe and the USA, making Canada a rich and diversified country to work and live in.

Canadian infrastructure is always being newly built, upgraded and extended, with cold weather taken into account. Job vacancies in the management levels are particularly high and with a 2.5% annual growth rate, construction jobs are on the increase.

In most of Canada’s major cities English is the official language. The notable exception is Quebec City where French is the official and most widely spoken language, as is the Quebec Province. Native languages are also spoken, but rarely in the construction industry. A speaker of French and English is highly advantageous to working in the Quebec Province, although most inhabitants are bilingual.  

Living and working in Canada gives the best of both worlds. A highly organised and efficient construction industry coupled with everything city life has to offer. And for those who love the ‘great outdoors’ an almost infinite expanse of countryside, with its beautiful forests, lakes and wildlife.               

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