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Airport expansion in Hong Kong – looking for high calibre staff

The much talked about three-runway system (3RS) project in Hong Kong has taken off.  And Maxim Recruitment is looking to make a number of key appointments for this Lantau based mega project including a General Manager – Concourse Construction, a Senior Manager – Baggage Handling System and a Senior Manager – Airport Safety

Project is in flight

Construction work began on the mammoth expansion program in August 2016, with the award of multiple packages for the deep cement sea bed stabilisation and reclamation. The expansion is expected to be completed in 2024.

As well as the new runway, the construction project includes a new taxiway system, a third runway passenger building and 57 additional parking positions. The passenger building will be connected to Terminal 2 by a new automated people mover system. As well as this, Terminal 2 will be modified and expanded and 3RS will include a new high-speed baggage handling system, expanded road and transportation networks.

Upon full commissioning, the 3RS will be able to transport an additional 30 million passengers every year. That’s 100 million passengers per year in total, and nine million tonnes of cargo per year by 2030.

Incorporating non-dredge methods and a range of sustainable features in the design and construction, 3RS is a vast and innovative construction project.

Belt and Road Initiative

Chinese President Xi Jinping first proposed the development strategy, The Belt and Road (B&R), in 2013. This underlines China’s drive to take a greater role in global affairs by connecting Eurasian countries. More frequent flights, to additional destinations, will provide passengers with new choices - and support the long term economic development of the country. The concept of a three-runway system at Hong Kong International airport was created many years ago in line with Hong Kong’s strategic strategy for long term development which mainland China has subsequently endorsed.  

Could your career take off?

Maxim Recruitment are searching for seasoned airport construction professionals to apply for the following positions:

What is it like to live and work in Hong Kong? 

This is my second tour of duty having lived and worked in Hong Kong as a graduate engineer for 3 years in the mid-90s. Six years in the SAR this time around and looking forward to obtaining Permanent Residency next year. 

Hong Kong is frenetic and never sleeps, offering a work hard / play hard philosophy. It has both a big city buzz and a village feel with friendly faces wherever you look. 

It’s also a wonderfully safe place for your children to grow up. 

There is a surprising amount of green space in and around the city and outlying islands with countless opportunities for sports and recreation. 

If you can manage the rather unwieldy cost of housing and schooling then your daily life in Hong Kong is certainly affordable. And with a low tax rate of 15% you may even save some of that hard-earned cash!


Richard Poulter
Recruitment Director

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