Marine Coordination Manager

Richard Poulter
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Airport, Hong Kong
HK$60K - HK$100K / m
Job Posted

One of a kind construction contractor jobs in Hong Kong. Our client, an international civil engineering main contractor, is seeking to appoint an experienced and senior level Marine Coordination Manager for their marine project at Hong Kong Airport. 

Project Details

You will be based in the project office at Hong Kong Airport.  

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Support Project Manager and Coordination Manager
  • Responsible for all marine co-ordination and interface matters of works carried out by other Contractors including setting, maintaining and modifying pre-defined main navigation channels/routes through the Site within the Reclamation Works Zones J1, J2 and J3 for its vessels and vessels of the Other Contractors to the different works areas according to the progress of the reclamation works and other marine activities. The Contractor shall conduct regular echo sounding survey to ensure the navigation channels within the Site and the Reclamation Works Zones are with available water draft for vessel movement and properly designated at all times;
  • organising marine access and mooring arrangements for the Works and the works of the Other Contractors;
  • advising the Project Manager on resolution of any other interfacing issues;
  • establishing a Marine Traffic Management Team (MTMT) throughout the whole duration of the Contract to improve navigation safety and traffic efficiency as well as the protection of the marine environment arising from any activities relating to the construction works of the 3RS Project. This MTMT shall be established within six months from the date for commencement of the Works and shall carry out the following duties related to the marine activities in conjunction with the CTCC and Other Contractors:
  • Managing of the overall interfacing and communication duties with Other Contractors affected by or affecting the marine traffic at and around the Site including monitoring of all vessel movements at and around the Site and Automatic Identification System (AIS)-Coverage Area;
  • Identifying all participating vessels, collecting and evaluating data on their movements and interaction with other vessels, and coordinating and regulating their movements within Hong Kong Waters;
  • Planning, coordinating and assigning Works Areas and temporary anchorage areas, marine access and entrances of the Site with all parties involved in the Project;
  • Interacting with and responding to traffic situations and preparing, reviewing, managing and supervising all evacuation plans submitted by Other Contractors in emergency situations including early warning and the resultant effect of inclement weather, the hoisting of tropical cyclone, Black Rainstorm Warnings and any other situations relating to aerodrome safety and the like;
  • Providing assistance as requested by the Project Manager and/or Statutory Authorities on pilotage and tug services due to clearance activities or rescue operation;
  • Preparing documents and making applications to the Marine Department of the Government of HKSAR for Marine Department Notices and Notices to Mariners either on the Contractor’s behalf or on behalf of Other Contractors, acting as the single licence or permit holder for the entire 3RS Project in respect of marine activities;
  • Employing marine traffic consultant to carry out all necessary works deemed necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the MTMT and providing independent professional advice to the Project Manager on marine traffic management issues on a regular basis and as and when specifically required by the Project Manager;
  • Checking and reviewing submissions from various marine works contractors pursuant to the requirements as specified in the Marine Travel Routes and Management Plan for Construction and Associated Vessels (Item 2.9 of the EP) and consolidating all these submissions from Other Contractors and his own submission into a single Marine Travel Routes and Management Plan for Construction and Associated Vessels, hereinafter referred to as the (“Consolidated Marine Management Plan”) for review without objection by the Project Manager and subsequent review and approval by Statutory Authorities, if applicable;
  • Monitoring, checking, investigating and reporting any deviations from the Consolidated Marine Management Plan in relation to marine route and vessel speed between actual activity and planned activity;
  • Giving instructions to the defaulting contractor(s) requiring him/them to take corrective action where there is any form of violation of the Consolidated Marine Management Plan is uncovered;
  • Monitoring, checking, investigating and reporting any incidents where a marine works contractor is in breach of the Airport Height Restriction (AHR) during their execution of the works;
  • Attending interface, coordination and liaison meetings including Marine Management Liaison Group (MMLG) and Reclamation Site Liaison Group (RSLG) meetings; and
  • Updating and revising the Consolidated Marine Management Plan as determined or instructed by the Project Manager and communicating all such amendments to the Other Contractors for implementation from time to time during the Contract.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Familiarity with Hong Kong port formalities, navigation aids, safety management and operations of ship and port facilities;
  • Minimum 10 years experience working in the maritime sector particularly in connection with port operations, marine-related industry, and marine risk management; and,
  • Knowledge of local rules, fairways, shipping regulations, ordinances and other regulatory standards applicable to the duties associated with the position of Marine Coordination Manager, as set out in these Specifications

Qualifications/Educational Requirements

  • Local Certificate of Competency Coxswain Grade I / II issued by or acceptable to the Director of Marine or equivalent
  • Local Certificate of Competency Class 2 (Deck Officer) (Seagoing) issued by or acceptable to the Director of Marine or equivalent;

Employing Company Overview and Profile

One of the top 10 construction companies in Hong Kong, Our client is an International civil and build contractor with an enviable portfolio of mega projects globally and aggressive plans to expand in Hong Kong and Asia. Civil Engineering recruitment doesn't get better than this!

Additional Benefits Package and Incentives

Attractive salary package available to the right candidate.

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