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Australia is Crying Out for Quantity Surveyors!

Is Australia calling for you? Here, Richard explains why demand is high right now due to the current explosion of transportation infrastructure as well as the ubiquitous sky-scraping towers and residential and mixed-use developments sprouting across the major cities.…

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The Growth of Infrastructure and Rail projects in Ireland

Major road projects, such as motorway expansions and bypass constructions, are underway to improve connectivity between cities and regions, reduce congestion, and enhance road safety. Additionally, significant upgrades are being made to public transport infrastructure, including the expansion of rail networks.…

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The Rise of AI in Construction Law and Construction Disputes | Balancing Efficiency and Job Displacement

A seminar that Nilam attended sparked thoughts in the audience questioning whether AI will replace jobs in the construction law industry. This is certainly a creeping fear within several industries, not just construction law. But AI can prove to be beneficial, if used appropriately - but where should we draw the line? …

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I’m a Construction Recruitment Consultant | What Do I Do All Day?

I have added value to my employer clients and their business activities for over 20 years. Just recently I remembered that quite a few years ago now, a meme went around about what recruitment consultants “do” and I managed to re-find it.…

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The Excitement Is Building In Dubai (Once Again!)

Take a look at the insatiable appetite for development which Dubai and the rest of the UAE appears to have, once again, in spades! (excuse the pun). Also, some exciting new construction jobs in the Middle East which the Maxim Recruitment Team is currently working hard to fill.…

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Industry News

Investors back Bloor junior

Adrian Bloor, son of the founder-owner of Bloor Homes, has secured big-money support for his new house-building venture.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 24 April, 07:50

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MKM revenues climb towards £1bn

Acquisitions helped grow revenues at builders’ merchant MKM Building Supplies last year but expansion costs softened profits.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 24 April, 07:24

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Delta Junction viaduct jacked into place

A 1,100-tonne composite viaduct was jacked into place over two M42/M6 link roads in North Warwickshire over the weekend.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 24 April, 07:14

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BBVS concedes to union access at Old Oak Common

Construction union Unite has secured access to the HS2 Old Oak Common construction site – leaving the London tunnels as the only HS2 site where it is not welcome.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 24 April, 07:08

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 Turnover up, profits down for Mott MacDonald

Employee-owned consulting engineer Mott MacDonald has reported solid numbers for 2023, albeit with profits slightly down.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 24 April, 06:52

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