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Starting a Career as a Graduate Recruitment Consultant

Are you looking for an attractive career in which the more you put in, the more you get out? Are you looking for a graduate recruitment job or looking to change career to find that rewarding job role you deserve? …

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How to start the journey into becoming a Construction Procurement Specialist?

So, you’ve researched becoming a Procurement Specialist and feel it could be the right career for you. But where do you begin? What kind of degree do you need? Do you even need a degree?…

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Becoming a Procurement Specialist

Becoming a Procurement Specialist can take time, effort, and a lot of dedication. In this article, we’ll examine some of the top skills needed to become the best Procurement Specialist you can be.…

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How we can help you find the elusive professional construction staff you urgently need

There has been a reduction in the rate of growth of the labour force, reflecting a shrinking availability of labour. However, this isn’t to say construction companies aren’t recruiting; it is quite the opposite. …

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How to Avoid Damaging Your Professional Construction Career

Although some of these basics may sound clichéd and banal, it never hurts to go over the seemingly obvious, even the best of us can be prone to momentary lapses in the awareness of the obvious.…

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Industry News

Faithful & Gould wins northern motorway work

Cost consultant Faithful & Gould, part of Canada’s SNC-Lavalin Group, has secured a four-year commission from National Highways.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 7 July, 08:46

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Persimmon profits hold up despite output fall

Persimmon’s house-building output is running behind but, such is the market, its profits are ahead of expectations.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 7 July, 08:10

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Construction fatalities were down a quarter last year

One in four work-related fatal accidents was in construction last year, according to latest official data.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 7 July, 07:48

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Now that’s recycling

A construction site in London is turning excavated subsoil into bricks and using them for basement walls.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 7 July, 07:26

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Chartered at just 22

A Gleeds project manager has become the youngest ever to achieve chartered status with her professional body.

Source: The Construction Index Last updated: 7 July, 07:25

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